Modern trends in education in the modern information space and scientific activity. European experience and practice.

  1. Legal Aspects of the Activities of Teachers and Researchers at Higher Educational Institutions.
  2. Information technology in teaching activities.
  3. Financial Management in Higher Educational Institutions in Hungary and Ukraine. Ways to improve and attract additional investment.
  4. Actual problems and decision of creating a Scientific Park.
  5. Competitiveness of universities in the international educational services market.
  6. Modern mechanisms in the construction of the educational process using the latest technologies.
  7. Public administration in the field of internal affairs and justice.
  8. Legality, control and supervision over the activities of public administration.
  9. Centralization and decentralization in the structural organization of public administration.
  10. Theoretical and methodological foundations for monitoring and assessing the national security situation in the country.
  11. The main vector of modern development of criminalistics on the example of Hungary and the European experience.
  12. The system of civil legal treaties for the legislation of the Hungary and Ukraine.
  13. Constitutionally mandated consolidation of human rights and freedoms in Hungary.
  14. Judicial precedent as an auxiliary tool for determining international legal norms.
  15. International legal means of solving international problems
    disputes and conflicts.
  16. Science and education in emergency situations.

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