Modern trends in education in the modern information space and scientific activity. European experience and practice. II

  1. Legal aspects of the activities of teachers and researchers of higher educational institutions.
  2. Information technologies in pedagogical activity.
  3. Financial management in higher educational institutions in Hungary and Ukraine. Ways to improve and attract additional investment.
  4. Topical Issues of Theory and Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Universities.
  5. Mathematical analysis in modern education.
  6. Modern mechanisms in building the educational process using the latest technologies.
  7. Implementation of Pedagogical Conditions and Structural-Functional Model of the Stage Image Formation of a Vocal Teacher in the Process of Professional Training.
  8. The main factors influencing the multifunctionality of the stage image of a vocal teacher in modern conditions.
  9. Organizational and pedagogical conditions for the training of future primary school teachers.
  10. Competitiveness of universities in the international market of educational services.
  11. Actual problems of modern psychology: ways of personality formation.
  12. Music therapy in the space of modern education: innovative technologies. The use of music therapy in working with various subjects of the educational process.
  13. Foreign language learning technologies, challenges of time (English language)

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